IMG2Born in Vittorio Veneto (Italy) on the 10th july 1990 he began playing acoustic guitar at the age of 6 taking some lessons from his father.

In 2004 he decided to start the modern guitar course with the teacher Mauro Da Ros at the guitar school “San Giuseppe” (Vittorio Veneto).
In 2008 he finished the course with the mark 9/10.

In 2007 he started teaching.

In 2009 he began the national Jazz course at the Conservatory of Adria ; the next 2 years he prepared the MMI Diploma and he graduated in fusion guitar with the mark of 98/100.

He’s endorsed by some important marks like: Essetipicks (by steve tommasi), Brunetti amps, Droplay, Crafter (for the acoustics), Kor pedals.
He use Ibanez guitars, Eventide pedals and D’addario strings.

In April 2011 he was awarded by guinness in the national Tv program “Lo show dei record”. He played “The flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky Korzakov at 340 bpm and 500 bpm and he became the fastest guitar player with an Official Guinness Certificate and a special medal from Europroduzione.

He worked for guitar magazines and he played in some important international convention (ADGPA, Frankfurt Musikmesse, SHG 34 in Milan, MAF etc..).
He’s working on his solo album called “Between Love and Pain” .

He played his song “Uncle Frenesy” on the “Talent showcase session” of

In 2011 He became featured artist of the website for his 8 fingers tapping technique.
In 2012 he started working for Music off, one of the most important italian community for musicians. He wrote articles about guitar techniques and he recorded the “How to Play ” series.

In 2012 he was awarded by Guinness world record and he became part of the annual “guinness world book ” (2012) for the “fastest guitar player” category.

In 2013 he opened for Frank Gambale with the MMI guitar attack at the MAF convention in Fiorano Modenese (IT).

In 2013 he took part of “Magikamera”, the Sky program by Mattia Boschi.
He joined the show live tour 2013 with other Mediaset artists.

In october 2013 he graduated in Jazz at Adria’s conservatory .

He was awarded by Rotary International in february 2014 with the prize “I nuovi talenti ” 2014 and he played at Ryla for Rotary.

He’s guitar teacher for Voice Care, Egle Salvadoretti, VDF schools.

He won the prize “Obiettivo Maf 2014” and he played with Jennifer Batten, Michael jackson guitarist, who invited him to jam with her on stage and she congratulate him for his playing.